Korean Civil Society Contribution Report for 2020 HLPFis written to respond to the High-level Political Forum(HLPF), July 7~16, 2020 in New York, USA.

This report includes the review of the progress of SDGs implementation in Korea for the past 4 years in line with 6 themes of 2020 HLPF: Human wellbeing and ending poverty, Ending hunger and food security, Relaunching growth and sharing economic benefits and addressing developing countries’ financing challenges, Access to sustainable energy, Protecting the planet and building resilience, and Bolstering local action. In addition, it recommends policies based on the reviews and introduces field actions by civil society groups for SDGs implementation.

The report was co-written by 29 member organizations of Korea SDGs Network and the Korea Federation of Trade Union(KFTU) and the Good Neighbors.


This is the 4th edition that Korea SDGs Network has published since 2017. Like the previous years, the process was going on for more than 3 months: having a preparatory meeting at the end of February, writing a draft per thematic areas in March and April, circulating draft for comments by online in May, and finalizing the draft in June. For this year, 10 member organizations and 2 non-member organizations joined a drafting team.

This report covers 41 targets of 14 goals in the 5 thematic areas of 2020 HLPF except for access to sustainable energy.


41 targets are reviewed comprehensively under 15 issues and policy recommendations are suggested. Furthermore, it includes how Korean civil society sees a political, economic, social, and environmental situation in the COVID 19 pandemic. Particularly, it delivers its social concerns through the voice of the persons with disability who faces social exclusion and their survival.


Korean Civil Society Contribution Report for 2020 HLPF.pdf

Also, you can find the report at the menu of E-library in the UNESCAP's SDGs HelpDesk: sdghelpdesk.unescap.org/e-library/korean-civil-society-contribution-report-2020-hlpf-2015-2019-sdgs-progress-and-actions 



◈ Executive Summary

◈ SDGs implementation in Post-COVID 19

◈ 2015-2019 SDGs Progress and Actions for 2030 

1. Human wellbeing and ending poverty(SDG 1, 3, 4, 6, 16, 17) 

      1. Enlargement of universal medical services through resident’s participation_SDG3.4/3.8 

      2. Global Citizenship Education Practice Plan through Community Resource Linkage_SDG 4.7 

      3. Water Management for Safe Drink_SDG 6.3

      4. Reinforce Child Abuse Response and Prevention Systems_SDG 16.2 

      5. The inclusive and participatory governance for SDGs_SDG 5.5/6.b/11.3/16.7/16.10/17.17 

      6. Persons with Disabilities: From Exclusion to Inclusion to the Community_SDG 1.3/4.5/4.a/11.1/11.2/11.5/11.7/16.1/16.b 

2. Ending hunger and food security(SDG 2, 3, 17) 

      1. Environmental friendly Food Production and Small Food Producers_SDG 2.3/2.4 

3. Relaunching growth and sharing economic benefits and addressing developing countries' financing challenges(SDG 5, 7, 8, 10, 17)

      1. Creation of Decent Jobs and Safe Working Environments for All_SDG8.5/8.8/10.4 

      2. Persons with Disabilities: From Exclusion to Inclusion to the Community_SDG 8.5 

      3. Enhancing the Global Partnership through Fair Trade_SDG17.11/17.12/17.16/17.17 

      4. ODA and Partnership_SDG 17.2/17.6/17.17 

4. Protecting the planet and building resilience(SDG 12, 13, 14, 15, 17) 

      1. Management of Chemicals and Hazardous waste_SDG 12.4 

      2. Response to Climate Change in the Education Field_SDG 13.2/13.3 

      3. Ocean Protection and wastes management_SDG 14.1/14.5 

5. Bolstering local action(SDG 9, 11, 17) 

      1. Improvement of System to Prevent reckless Development of Factories_SDG 1.5/3.9/11.3/11.6/11.a/12.4 

◈ Appendix 1 | List of Draft Writers/Organizations 

◈ Appendix 2 | Member list of Korea SDGs Network 


◈ Appendix 3 | Statement on COIVID-19 


Korean Civil Society Contribution Report for 2020 HLPF | 2015-2019 SDGs progress and actions for 2030

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